A candid “me doing analysis stuff at work” picture. (The beers were from the night before, seriously).

Hi, I’m Robert… and this site mostly exists to keep my email address domain cool (and to control the SERP a bit). At one time there even was a blog. Imagine that. Anyways, I studied Information and Media Studies at Aarhus University, and I love love love to work with data analysis and digital business development (currently working as a analytics team lead at TV2).

I’m interested in how we use and understand technology (without being a determinist), media and communication (especially the digital kind), data crunching and visualisation (check out Super Graphic for some great #dataviz), music sampling and collection (love those dusty obscure records), networks (including the verb – “networking”, and the theory of them), LEGO (I’m an enthusiast myself), games (currently I’m trying quite unsuccessfully to beat Dark Souls III), and, lastly, processes (mapping and optimising them through data).

And here are some Instagram pictures taken with an older iPhone.